What Should I Know About Furnace Filters?

A furnace filter’s job is to protect your air circulation system from building up layers of dirt and debris as it circulates the air through your home. They also help remove contaminants from your air in the process.

A dirty filter can be the cause of a lot of furnace issues from poor heat or no cooling. Your filter needs to be inspected or changed on a regular basis depending on what type of filter you have.

What kinds of filters are there?

All filters should have the MERV rating listed on it. The MERV rating indicates the size of particles that will be captured in the filter. The ratings range from 8-16, the higher the number the more particles it will capture.

How often should I change my filter?

While there is no cut-and-dry answer for how often to change your furnace filters due to different home environments, there are a few guidelines you can follow:

  • Most 1 inch filters are a Merv 8 and they can last 6 to 12 weeks .
  • The Merv 11 filters come in the 3 to 5 inch size and can last up to a year depending if you have pets in the house and where you live.
  • If you notice the filter has become dirty, especially to the point where you cannot see the filter material.


Can I change my own filters?


Changing your furnace is something anyone can do, and will help keep your air cleaner and your furnace running better.

View ourĀ Furnace Filter Options video for more tips on changing your filters.