Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly and enjoy a cool home all summer long

Regular maintenance is important to keep your air conditioner cooling properly during Manitoba’s hot summer. Not only does it keep things operating at peak efficiency, it helps extend the lifespan of your cooling unit, giving you more bang for your buck.

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Benefits of regular maintenance

  • Lower energy bills
    • Improperly maintained air conditioners don’t operate as efficiently, consuming more power and cooling less. Maintaining your unit will keep your energy bills down on those hot summer months.
  • Fewer repairs
    • Regular maintenance reduces wear on your air conditioner, meaning fewer breakdowns and less frequent part replacement. This not only reduces your repair bills, but helps extend your unit’s overall life expectancy.
  • Improved air quality
    • As part of your maintenance service, our technician will inspect and clean areas of your air conditioner that can accumulate debris and buildup. Without regular cleanings, these contaminants can end up circulating in your home.
  • Better humidity control
    • It is your air conditioner’s job to control the humidity in your home. Keeping up with maintenance will ensure it can properly moderate the moisture in your air.

Save time and money

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Not only that, but we will take care of scheduling your maintenance calls so that you can forget about your air conditioner.  Go ahead, cross it off your to-do list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my brand new air conditioner still need maintenance?


While it might be easy to assume that your new air conditioner won’t need maintenance for a while, you can still benefit from having a professional service your unit before the next heating season.

As part of your yearly maintenance, our service technicians clean out your machine to ensure there is no buildup or debris causing additional wear on your unit. This helps extend it’s lifespan and improve it’s energy efficiency.

Why are the rooms in my home are different temperatures?


The first thing to check is that your vents and registers aren’t being blocked so that the air can properly flow in your home.

If your vents and registers aren’t blocked, it’s possible that a dirty furnace filter is restricting the air flow in your home. Check to see if it needs cleaning or replacing.

If neither of those solves the problem, it’s best to call a professional to come take a look.

How often should my unit get serviced?


We recommend an annual servicing before you turn it on in the summer. This lets us make sure everything is working properly before it gets put to work for the year.