Air Conditioner Installation

Let us handle the heavy lifting

Whether you are buying your home’s first unit or replacing an old one, let our licensed technicians scratch the install off your list of things to do.

Our installation experts will get your air conditioning unit up and running quickly so you can say goodbye to the summer heat.

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What about my old air conditioner?

If you are upgrading to a new integrated unit such as a central air system, we can assist with removing your old detachable units—such as a window air conditioner— if needed.

For replacing an old installation, our certified installation team is able to quickly and easily disable and uninstall your old unit to make room for the new one.

Can I install an air conditioner myself?

That depends.

Window and portable units are easily installed on your own if desired. However, consulting with our installation experts may provide insight on the best way to install it to maximize its potential.

For larger, more involved installations such as a central air unit, they must be done by a professional. There are technical and electrical factors that must be taken into account that require professional training to do so safely and effectively. Additionally, certification is required to purchase or work on refrigeration equipment in Manitoba, requiring a licensed technician to perform the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I upgraded to a central air system, do I need to cover the outdoor unit during winter?


The condenser that sits outside your home is built to withstand the elements, so covering is not needed to protect it. Covering can prevent debris from getting inside your unit, but if the unit is accidentally turned on before the cover is removed it can damage your cooling system.

That’s why we recommend leaving it uncovered but getting an annual check-up before turning it on. Our technician will be sure to remove any debris in addition to the regular inspection and cleaning, so you can be confident that your system is giving 100% throughout the summer.

Does my brand new air conditioner still need maintenance?


While it might be easy to assume that your new air conditioner won’t need maintenance for a while, you can still benefit from having a professional service your unit before the next heating season.

As part of your yearly maintenance, our service technicians clean out your machine to ensure there is no buildup or debris causing additional wear on your unit. This helps extend it’s lifespan and improve it’s energy efficiency.

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